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     Height: 5'2"

Eyes: Hazel       Hair: Brown

Actor / Producer / Host



Louie CK -TV Host - FX

Us and Them - "Beautiful Girl' (feat) - FOX

Tainted Dreams Nurse - NYC Productions

Harbors (TV Pilot) - Georgina(lead) - Artists Alliance

Approaching Normal - Jennie (lead) - Evil Mustache Productions

Momsters Mom - Discovery ID

Deadly Sins ~ Pride - Anne Lowe - Discovery ID

The Wine Key - Producer/Creator/Host - Nuri Corp

Spin(TV Pilot) - Elizabeth Dalton (supporting) - NYU Tisch Productions

8:46 ** - Lisa DiMatteo (supporting) - Forget Me Not Productions 

American Sisyphus - Mother (supporting) - Frieda Luk

Patrice O'Neal Viral Video - Featured - Comedy Central

Facebook: The Boardgames - Mom (Lead) - Landline TV

Sherry's Kitchen (Web Series) - Co-starring - Cloudy Sky Productions

The Other Kind of Balance - Lead - Little Witch Productions

Strings Lead - Gabby Productions

The Fantastic Four - The Invisible Girl (v.o.) - M.O.C.C.A.

Potty (short documentary) - Producer/Creator/Host - Nuri Corp

Mind the Gap - Featured - Dir. Eric Schaeffer

Mini-Moth Starring - Trio Network

Set For Four Lead - Artzy Media

Unbound Lead - D.O.A. Productions


A Dog Dreams - Allie - Marjorie S.Dean Little Theater

Priapism - Bonnie - East End Fringe Festival

Christian de Pizan, City of Ladies - Anastasia - Writer's Voice Festival

The Apron Strings Project - Mae/Delores/Janie Dir: Debbie Slevin

My Big Gay Italian Wedding - Vera/Nun/Swing - NYC Productions

Some Girl(s) - Lindsay - A.T.A. NYC

Story: Everyone Has One One-Woman Show - Grey Matters Prod.

Tech Support - Grace/Lupe - Manhattan Rep.

Gate B23  - Lilah (Lead)  - Grey Matters Prod.

Love Fucks Us Up - Starring - The Barrow Group

Measure For Measure - Isabella - American Globe Thtr

Hatful of Rain - Celia - Circle in The Square

A Winters Tale - Paulina - The Producers Club

Bound at the Mouth Improv Troupe Touring Show

Loves Labours Lost - Princess of France


Cobalt Depression Video Lead Happy Daggar Prod.

Aggrenox Featured


Austin Pendleton Scene Study

Bob McAndrew Technique / Scene Study

Margaret Burns Cold Read Auditioning

Ken Schatz Movement/Voice

Sean De Simone Hosting

Brette Goldstein Hosting/ Indie Film

Labyrinth Master Class Scene Study

Circle in the Square Conservatory Program

Stella Adler w/Bill Hopkins Acting for TV and Film

American Globe Shakespeare Co Classical Training

Actors Movement Studio Movement

Sally Johnson Studio Acting for TV and Film

Upright Citizens Brigade Improvisation

Jerry Coyle Commercials

Peter Schlosser Voice

Weist Barron Acting for Commercials


Kevin Kuffa - TV and Film

Marci Phillips - Sitcom/Drama

Joan D'Incecco - Soap Opera

Judy Henderson - Film Cold Reading


Licensed Commodity Trader, Set Design/Scenic Artist, Painter, Interior Design/Decoration, Yoga, Amateur Wine Connoisseur, Milk a Cow, Scrabble, Cards, Weight training, Running, Biking, Swimming, Scuba Diving, Gardening, Cooking/Baking, Ballroom Dance, Still life Model, US Passport, Drive: Stick shift, tractor, motorcycle, snowmobile, jet ski.

Dialects: Irish, Cockney, Midwest Neutral

** 6 Festival Official Selections and 1 Best Short Documentary Award

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